Thursday, March 1, 2018

#Dementia496 One Mile (Day 1)


I had this idea last year to do an accumulative running challenge last year- and I decided a few weeks ago after having recovered from some injuries that it was going to happen in March.

So today it is the 1st March so it was mile to do, tomorrow on the 2nd it will be 2 miles and so on! A final total of 496miles in the month hence #dementia496. Towards the mid point of the month that is going to be a lot of miles each day and the last week or so will be new running territory for me. I will try and mix it up with different types of running, training and some days I will do more than one run to fit in the miles to fit around work and life.

Today I got up and out early which is not usual for me to be out for a run before work, I like my bed too much, so this might be part of the challenge as much as running the miles. Today I got some pristine snow to do my one mile in. One mile... snow and thoughts of the one person I know dearly that suffered with dementia.

Any amount of support is welcome... I want to make each mile count.

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