Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fun guy out for a stroll

Had a great stroll out with my Bec today 3.8miles, wooded lanes and then onto the top of Denton Moor along Lippersley Ridge to the Cairn for a cup of coffee and a snickers bar. It was blowing today but this made it all the more interesting as the terrain changed and it went from sheltered wood to open moor with a panoramic view. I came across this place a few weeks ago on a 25mile run from Ilkley Moor back to Otley via Beasley Beacon and I thought this would be a lovely place to come for a stroll, especially as the woods just after Timble ponds have a vast array of toadstools and mushrooms at this time of year with the backdrop of mossy green evergreen woodland it looks somewhat magical and you half expect an elf or a fairy to pop out.

These are just a selection and there were many other varieties and with a little bit of exploring just off the path there were some untouched clumps that just needed a picture.

Coffee at the cairn although it wasn't a long walk was welcome, and we were able to get out of the wind and peaking over the wall of rocks to take in the view of Beamsley Beacon, Round Hill and beyond. Running seems to take you places you didn't know existed and open you up to the wonders of nature in your own back yard.