Thursday, March 8, 2018

#dementia496 (Days 2 & 3) - The Welcome Ultra: a little bit further

Taping and Sweeping the Welcome Ultra

Days 2 & 3 of my #dementia496 challenge was a bit more than expected, but I don't like to miss out on a good day out in the hills and with the snow, it made it all the more memorable.

Day 2 - Running with Scissors

Just 2 miles to do but as I got the chance to got out and help mark an ultra marathon course. 21 miles of taping the route with Ryk Downes the Race Director of the Punk Panther Ultra Marathons -  in-between taping the route and hiking through the deep snow drifts I got at least 2miles of running done. Breaking some trail on the way as well as dealing with some biting cold winds on the moors.

I made video to give a view of these days - great fun and full of too many memories to write or take pictures of.

Day 3 - Last Runner - The Welcome Ultra

Having the chance to sweep the race and being one of the running sweepers meant I more than got the 3miles done to day - nearer 33 with the 32.7 race miles and a few jogs to the start and home; it was just a top day out and a great course - I must race this one next time it is on, although I might not recognise it without the snow. I recommend this race series as a must do.

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