Saturday, March 17, 2018

(Days 7-16) A 360 view of #Dementia496

The last week or so has been a real mix and excuse this post as it will seem a bit jumbled together as days 7-16 have just flown by!

These last 10 days of #Dementia 496 have been a real mixed bag, adding an extra mile a day doesn't seem a lot but when life gets busy fitting in any running can be tough, I have now started adding in an early morning run, started it as a 3-4miles run and is now a 6.2miles start to the day. This will increase as the month goes on. I am now needing to put in longer runs to make this happen.

A 360 view of #Dementia496

Day 16 is over half way on the days - 15 to go but I have now done 136miles out of the 496 - that is 360 still to do. This week Mon-Sun (Strava week) will be a 105mile week, then 154, then 171.

Day 7-9 Recovery and Magazines!

Recovery mixed with Physio and a trip to W H Smith to check out the Trail Running Magazine to take a look at my article in it.

Day 10 - HPH Hill reps on the Chevin

Saturday morning early with some Hyde Park Harriers doing 10miles of hill reps on the Otley Chevin - 5000ft climbing, the next day or two were recovery!

Day 11 Sunday trails

Out on some local trails on the Meanwood Valley Trail and nearby.

Days 12-15

These have been a combination of runs to make up the miles with a few slightly longer runs after work.

So the early morning runs have really started, I must say I struggle to get out before work most of the time. Day 15 takes me over 100miles for the challenge 120/496 almost half way on the days, no where near in the miles.

Day 16

Was a proper good run out after work 16 miles at 7.58min/mile pace and a 1000ft+ climb - felt like a really good run - that is 136/496 - recovery 17miles tomorrow.

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