Wednesday, March 7, 2018

#dementia496 (Days 4, 5 & 6) HPH Hill reps and recovery

Sugarwell Hill reps x12 with the mighty HPH

It was a great idea at the time to do 4 miles of hill reps on Sugarwell Hill, this was nr 2000ft and 12 reps of the hill ...gate to gate finishing at the top with some steps which are always fun. But with 12 ups and downs, leg burning, muddy, slushy trails I was happy to get to 4 miles and finish when my watch beeped as I got to the last rep finished and rested on the gate. That was 81 miles for the week and my dementia challenge is on track followed up with an easy 5 miles recovery, then a 6 mile run at lunch time. This 4 miler was good training on heavy legs and it was great to have some awesome Hyde Park Harrier support doing their own reps whilst I went straight up and down! Thanks Amy, Richard and Naomi.

Any amount of support is welcome... I want to make each mile count.

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