#Run1000Miles 2018

#Run1000Miles  - Trail Running Magazine

I'm so pleased to be an ambassador for the #Run1000miles 2018 challenge for Trail Running Magazine - take a look and sign up yourself: https://www.trailrunningmag.co.uk/run1000miles

It is a great way to focus your running through the year and to go that bit further than the year before.

In 2017 I managed a total of 2204 miles... I'm looking to use the Run1000miles challenge again to train for my races and go further than before.

See my 2018 pledge: https://integralrunning.blogspot.co.uk/2018/01/run1000miles-pledge-ready-to-run.html

Trail Running Magazine UK:

Ambassador blog article -Run your own 1000 miles 


June article:

"The doubts that injuries can bring also bring opportunity to reflect on other parts of life and to consider what it is about running that you really enjoy."



January   - 196.7 miles
February - 215.4miles 
March     - 549.8 miles

I will be adding my articles and blog links to Trail Running Magazine here throughout the year - it would be great to hear your comments and progress during the year.

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