Monday, April 24, 2017

Zero One Strava - Training Leveller

After putting in one of my highest weekly mileage totals for a week 75.0 miles, Monday morning when Strava has 'Zeroed' your total is a total leveller and a chance to refocus on the week ahead after being number 'One' on various club means nothing...just got keep on going.

After a 50 miler in the week, and a number short recovery runs I was able to do my #20th Parkrun
with a reasonable run progressively building up the pace.

I finished off the week with a steady 7miles on some local trains enjoying the sunshine and having ago at a little known climbing segment to push my CR out a little further by 12 seconds which I was pleased with as I nearly gave up half way as I came to a walk, so there are more gains to be made. the hill work seems to be paying off and feeling strong on the more gentler slopes.

I'm still amazed at the local trails that are within a couple of miles of the Leeds City Centre, running through fields and tree lined trails is an excellent way to unwind enjoying the sunshine of Sugarwell Hill.

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