Wednesday, April 19, 2017

DIY 50 miler - Leeds Liverpool Canal

With the prices of events in general being reasonable, but there are lots of them you just can't do them all as there are other things to pay for like food and bills. So I planned my own 50 miler, with a couple of CP's thrown in for good measure because I like that sort of thing. This is the longest that I have run so far, so this was a challenge and a test of where I am up to regards training.


50 miles along the Leeds to Liverpool canal as I can't afford to enter any more events! No nav required so this was an easy day out and good for concentrating on the running itself without breaks.

Mandatory Kit!
I actually left my waterproof coat/compass by my front door, but I checked with the 'Race Director' and he said it was fine! Carried 1.5lt water/rehydration, waterproof trousers, first aid kit, food, snacks, whistle, map, even an emergency bivvy (which never leaves my kit bag) , spare thermal top...just in case and good to put on at the end, phone and spare cash.

Start -home - my route from home is the same distance as from the start of the canal (Leeds) so I picked it up at the same mile marker at 1 1/4 miles along.

CP1 26.25miles for lunch - using the milestones this was a good encouragement along the way - this conveniently is situated next to the Polish  War Memorial where there is a bench.- with a spot of history thrown in (On September 23rd 1943 the Polish crew of Wellington bomber HZ251 crashed on the banks of the canal with no survivors on a training mission.). The 26.25 marker is whitewashed and just past the memorial so had to take a picture of the 24.25 one on way back.

CP2 36.3miles Café at Five Rise locks - perfect spot on way back and could be used on the way out as well as an additional CP/stop.

Finish 50miles - my watch ran out of battery 0.4miles from the end! So switched to Strava for a final finish which felt like a sprint but was 9+mins average pace.
Overall time 8hr46.59 with an extra 15mins or so spent at CP's. 5mins lunch / 10mins at café.

Outgoing marathon time was 4.08 so the return was really slowed down, as this was new territory, I didn't push at all on the last 20 miles as this was an exercise regards completion.

Drink and food:
  • Large bag of trail mix, nuts varied and raisins -added salt - every 30 mins up to 28miles
  • 2 bananas
  • 2 slices malt loaf
  • 2 sandwiches - brown bread/ham/jam
  • 1500ml Zero tab Re-hydration drink
  • 1 can 7up
  • 1 can Coke
  • 1 cup coffee/milk /sugar
  • 1 banana milkshake
Lessons learnt
  • Struggled to eat trail mix after about 28 miles; as well as eating on the run later on, so had to slow to a walk and eat.
  • Keep drinking - little and often
  • Keep an eye out for narrow boats selling drinks and snacks along route...very handy.
  • Work on core strength
  • More back to back runs required for endurance especially in the second half.
  • 50 miles is tough

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