Monday, March 13, 2017

Opps I did it again x10 - Hill Reps #EastChevin10

I've been doing hill reps again... I just love them! I might be crazy but I thought I would share my take on the mental endurance of a hill rep session. (Disclaimer x10 is not mandatory...just me!)

  • Rep1: Oh good I'm off...Why am I doing this?
  • Rep2: I'm not thinking about this... I find this one hard...mind wanders.
  • Rep3: At least that's a good session...don't give up....
  • Rep4: This is taking a long time.
  • Rep5: Yeah, I'm half way!
  • Rep6: Did this one actually happen...blank. Tough it out.
  • Rep7: My favourite, achievement and hope mixed together... Re-determined to get this done.
  • Rep8: Dig in.
  • Rep9: Almost one to go so I get a bit giddy... danger of complacency, keep it consistent.
  • Rep10: Finish well... the last few hundred metres seem a long way, but run through the finish. That was great... forget all that went before!
There is something about the repetition and the step by step building up of miles and of elevation that I like; as well as the resistance of the up hill climbs.

This weekends training was a go to training session for me: 10reps of 400ft+ my own training segment #EastChevin10.  This weekends effort was 14.4miles and just over 4600ft in total  taking me over 500miles for the year as well; 60 miles for the week's training with 13,000ft. 

I had planned to run the full session without pauses, hiking, or needed to be all running; the overall pace was slower than usual, but was consistent with the running up hill and there was no boom and bust...which felt like a goal achieved. By not blasting the downhill sections I can keep training this week.

I might be a bit crazy but I added an extra hill to a view point at the end as a reward.

I find I concentrate on the running up, but on the downhill's there's time to think, sometimes too much.

I'm not at the level of my inspiration for these hill rep sessions, that is I'm not the 'SuperTrooper' yet #Ben10 Ben Mounsey, but I'll at least give it ago and look for those gains.


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