Thursday, November 9, 2017

Less is Moor: Teenager and #GetOutside

Burley Moor - family hike

As I have got further in to ultra running, my idea of a hike or walk has risen from a few miles to exploring a map and looking over a range of 20-30miles or if I want a 'day out' may be 40 or 50. This is just not going to work if I want to get my teenage sons out for a walk with me... less is moor! The prospect of a full days hike just doesn't seem to appeal to a lot of teenagers, but an hour or so, where we can enjoy some view points together has got to be a winner, especially as we can get back to dinner in time... food seems to be high on the agenda. I love getting out on the moors and I want to be able to keep sharing this with them without putting them off for life. So less in the sense of distance to start with but more regards quality to build memories together - pick some good view points or places of interest and don't try to take on too  much.

Burley Moor -over looking Otley Chevin


This is one of my favourite spots, great views


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